Detail Engineering

On each EPC project that Radius undertakes, we start from the fundamentals and build upon a concept design that aligns with our customer’s needs taking striving to put in place the most efficient and economical solution.

Radius has in our organization, a team of well qualified engineers and technologists whose approach to design and engineering is to consider each project as a new challenge, and an opportunity for innovation. Radius ’s engineers do not hesitate to challenge the conventional ideas and perceptions. Innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking are always encouraged; coupled with our experience, this approach ensures that we give the best value to our customers.

The individual and collective expertise of our engineers allows Radius to deliver cost-effective optimal solutions to our customers; this helps in improving our competitive positioning, and ensures success in the long run.

Radius has full-fledged engineering offices in UAE and India with advanced hardware and software to support all our projects.